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Business at the intersection of Culture and Digital Transformation

Download this ebook on culture from the inimitable Hilton Barbour. I was lucky enough to be one of the people he interviewed.

Download the ebook here >>


Employee Advocacy Diagram

The importance of employee advocacy

Enabling employee advocacy starts with having employees that are aligned to the culture of the organization. Pair that with the right tools so that employees have the content and are connected to the latest information from the company.


Emoji Doctor

The emoji doctor will see you now

As the communications channels we use continue to become more and more digitally-based, mobile-centric, and our consumption of content becomes more and more visual, it begs a question.

How might emoji impact the evolution of healthcare?


Non-profits and startups

What can a non-profit learn from startups?

I have had the opportunity over the past few years to meet with and work with a number of startups.

What have I learned from talking to and working with these startups?

I’ve learned that there is much we as non-profits can learn from them.


Sarah and Claire Food Drive photo

Our family’s passion project – Sarah and Claire’s Food Drive

Over 400,000 pounds of food raised since 2008 for the less fortunate in Toronto.


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