Case Studies

Following are some case studies that demonstrate my problem-solving and leadership abilities, as well as delivering results.

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Answering the invitation to Join The Fight

As part of launch of the new ‘VS’ platform for SickKids, I was responsible for leading the development of the digital experience that enables the brand.

The objective was to launch a key cornerstone of our digital ecosystem that would support not only the immediate brand launch, but would also be a foundation we could continue to build upon for years to come.


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Launching an employee advocacy platform

As the nature of work and the composition of the workplace continues to shift and change, opportunity emerges to engage employees in new, different and better ways.

At SickKids Foundation, we identified an opportunity to amplify the connection to the brand through the team of employees using a social advocacy platform.


Incentivising behaviour change

Incentivizing behaviour change

How do you get people to change their behaviour?

It’s not easy, whether you are talking about trying to change the behaviour of a customer or donor, or whether you are talking about changing the behaviour of staff at your organization.

Here’s what I learned through a program I launched at SickKids.


Mythbusters meets marketing

Mythbusters meets marketing

For those who are not familiar with the TV series Mythbusters, it was a science-based series that ran on Discovery where two hosts (Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage) used the scientific method to prove or disprove rumours, myths, and urban legends.

Over the course of an episode they and their fellow cast members would give the background on a myth or series of myths, and spend the episode building their experiment, which, 9 times out of 10 it felt like, involved blowing something up at the end.

So what does that have to do with marketing?


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